Broken Dreams

by J.Nolan



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With an album name like “Broken Dreams” you’d expect an album that was either ultra depressing without such great music, but I guess that’s part of the appeal of Atlanta emcee J.Nolan’s album.

“Broken Dreams” is the new project from J.Nolan, presented by The Connoisseurs of Culture. Over 18 tracks featuring original production, Nolan raps with a simplistic flow which makes him completely coexist with the mellow music featured on the project, and did I mention his wordplay and subject content are crazy?

The albums opens with “Golden” which has such a dope vibe and starts the theme that’s shown on essentially every song on this album—true and authentic hip-hop and great production.

This album is a summer necessity and something needed for everyone I believe. I believe that every song on this album is dope whether it’s the subject, the beat or whatever, but I have my personal favorites—actually 12: “Golden,” “Decision” “Real or Not” “Inner City Beauty” “One Life” “Feeling Good” “When Love Calls” “Lost Art” “Weekend Melody” “Dream Big” “Amazing” and “Shake and Bake.”


released August 16, 2010



all rights reserved


J.Nolan Atlanta

Hip-Hop Artist. Music has been licensed by MTV, VH1, Fox Network, and DJ Jazzy Jeff. I want to do so much more, your support will help me get there!


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Track Name: Golden (prod. oriJanus)
Verse 1:

Never said that it would be instant/
No matter where you read it, you were reading a misprint/
Think of the wrists slit and people that ended
their lives and hopes over the highs and lows
and all kinds of slopes/
So it's gotta be so that you can make it in
before the rude awakening/
The truth'll straighten it/
And your faith'll be tested, but you should strengthen it/
To give yourself a purpose like a student majoring/
Now who was made to win?/
I know you hate to lose/
But on this path, a higher power has made the rules/
And though it seems like you should be going overseas;
sometimes your moment of atonement's when you save the jewels/
And don't let them be shown/
I know your life is hectic, they don't accept you at home/
I'm going through the same thing as I'm making this song/
That's why I stray from the throne, picking my battles like I'm Razor Ramone/
Pacing along in my lonely room/
Tired of waiting, but they say it's gon' be soon, so...
where would I go?
It's only noon once a day, right?/
I save life in daylight to make things right with the stage lights.

I do what I must with no ulterior motives/
Building a plan and I'ma put it in motion/
Won't be deterred, got superior devotion/
Living my life like it's Golden/
I do what I can to make myself more strong/
I handle with care, I know I must hold on/
I solemnly swear to live among those stars/
Living my life like it's no tomorrow.

Verse 2:

Have a glass of my orange juice/
Samples in my records, care less about lawsuits/
I fought through more in my last few years/
And I've been killing everything in my sight, give me some tattoo tears/
To make a verbal outcry/
Our side is deprived and they overlook us like a Language Arts outline/
Until we get out of line and the cops show up/
The block's sewn up/
It's not pop culture/
It's hot like a ulcer/
They got us on TV/
CB-S news snooze when a brother needs to be rescued/
Unless an arrest cues to ensue and ensure, the devil's been using his pitchfork/
On the piss poor people that's pissed off/
No wonder we ditch law, they do it on purpose to keep us insecure/
Yup, I pay attention to the scheme/
In the midst of it I witness where the spirits intervene/
Which administers the inadvertent reason that I'm clean/
Deciding not to curse was the project I immersed last year/
Was writing out a verse and it had me appalled, it closed my register like a cashier/
And that to me was a blessing in my face/
Shooting for the stars, not a weapon on my waist/
I was prepping for this day/
And cleansing my corrosion/
Digging much deeper, living life like it's Golden.

Chorus Again.
Track Name: Feeling Good (prod. No Alias)
*Refreshed. Obviously blessed, it reflects in my steps, look ahead, square shoulders/
As I get older I appreciate more which alleviates stress like Deepak Chopra/
Either that or Yoga/ But I don't like to stretch like reaching for the deck playing Poker, yes/
Take a deep breath like smokers/ Feel it in your chest like you broke a- rib/
Throw away the ribs 'cause my momma told me not to be a porker/
Yet I eat bacon, to contradict the statement, over/
Don't think of me any less 'cause a 3rd world country wouldn't think of it as torture/
I guess- we are not the same 'cause I aim to be human, and Wayne said he came from the Solar, correct?/
Maybe that's the reason that I'm grounded and I am not surrounded by people that say yes.*

- I'm- feeling good, feeling great/
Have a drink, grab a malt or a shake/
Feeling super like I had my own cape/
Matter fact, where my Superfly tape at?/
I'm- feeling good, feeling great/
Pull out the grill, make some burgers and franks/
Only adults get the chicken and the steaks/
Now say your grace, thanks!-

*Beautiful people; inside and out, the inside is out and that's what it's about/
We vibe out to this and then I must announce that the money doesn't add though the thoughts do count/
For those that do vouch; I thank y'all kindly/
For staying beside me like Clyde & Bonnie/
The game is grimey, and they don't know the difference between a pepperoni and a slice of salami/
And I'm like Gandhi/ I try to be peaceful/
And focus my attention into painting this easel/
I'm taking it easy, remain to be gleeful/
I walk around oblivious to life like zombies on Resident Evil/
Keep it in the flock when I move like seagulls/
Represent my property like Beanie Sigel/
'Cruise' like Timo/ (Timo Cruz from Coach Carter)
And through it all homie I just want to be equal.*


*And I hope you enjoy it/
One day I'm gon' help poppa with the mortgage/
Take a nice lady on a well deserved voyage and let her stock up on some things like storage/
Gorgeous, pardon my thoughts/
Gotta get my clique (click) on to get their names on your desktop like icons/
Word is my bond, turn that mic on and Wyclef might even forget about Dylan/
Right on brotha, ignite on suckas/ Unorthodox like night time brunches/
Lunches encompassed with companies, accompanied by the live band with my homie on the trumpet/
Knowing that you love it, I brought it to the mix with No Alias and the samples that he flips/
Sounds so crisp, had to go and get a Brisk iced tea, young world what you know about....this?*

Track Name: Weekend Melody (prod. Mac Morrison)
Motivated, under-appreciated by the over-rated/
No room to be jaded/
Talking to the Creator about what I created/
Creativity lives inside a picture-less painting/
Imagery in its finest form/
Formed from poverty, poor, property gone move
proper in the eye of the storm/
Cold stares, trying to find me some warmth/
Inspired by my peers so it's time to evolve/
As I- walk to the store for a Gatorade, I think of a greater day coming soon, Amazing Grace/
I'm paving the way in the road, making my own chance/
Seeking the light, bringing my own lamp/
Taking my whole camp through the wilderness/
See how real it gets when the money's gone, stranded on your own like Gilligan/
Make a villain want to kill again, feeling iller than before so they resort to perform old sins again.

Chorus: Unh, sing along with the weekend melody/
Sing along to my weekend melody/
Sing along with the weekend melody/
Sing along, sing along/

The mind is a theater/
Think of what you're feeding it, sometimes you gotta filter what your meal serves/
Be a responsible builder/
'Cause with the space you take, you should embrace your estate like a realtor/
For real, sir or madame, you can fill your platter full of atoms if you choose/
But when you get fatter, please tell me what you'll do/
Work it out? Yeah right, working out's not even in your patterns/
I don't flatter, I only speak in reality/
Casually telling you about your human abnormalities/
Running after your salary; you should be eating celery or salad, you're chemically imbalanced from the trash you eat/
The JB's said 'Pass The Peas'/
Listen, 'cause your sickness is sad to see/
Please. Don't be mad at me, I'm only rapping facts so what you're hearing you will have to...see.

Chorus Repeated.

Light-hearted, quite nice on the mic, I harvest-
food for thought, choose your broth/
Chicken or beef, I stew through the art/
Peruse acutely, my looseleaf is off the Richter/
Scale, weigh a whale, ring a bell- deliver detoxification
for you liver/
And kidneys/
Think about your tendencies, you're physically strong, yet essentially a ball at Wrigley's/
Pimp C- I'm trill/
Simply I'm real/
Give me a deal/
360? Kill those/
I'm kicking harder than steeltoes, the boots snap to you like velcro/
For whom the bell toes, I'm the recipient/
Privy to your secret, hidden in the emptiness/
Thicker than obsidian/
Lyrically an idiom/
Listen as a whole, it'll sound like Leviticus/
In the modern age/
Neolithic artist, I'm an author on the stage/
Metaphorically a pop-up book, 'cause I keep the words jumping off the page/
Cornfield flow, when I'm on it I amaze (am maize).