Stand Alone

by J.Nolan



New promo track from J.Nolan. It's a one verse lyrical tirade, describing some of the ups-and-downs of electing to stand alone in both every day life and as an artist. Enjoy.



The real been waiting to pick the style up/
9 months kicking, I give it to 'em, their child come/
Already knew the outcome, why you think I sound at home?/
Old school Internet, Realplayer, I standalone/
Really can't stand to hand 'em loans, but I'm a man that's strong/
Tackle the situation by the book like I'm San Anton/
Tim Duncan bank shot, capture it on your camera phone/
Watched it for a minute then threw it out like I did The Throne/
Somebody said I was hating, somebody lied/
But I ride the track like Bonnie & Clyde, so somebody died/
Them Adi-das gave me my stripes when young,
y'all can watch what my life become/
Err'body smoking, I'm detoxing like Andre Young/
My time'll come/
Y'all been dropping crumbs, and I been eating 'em/
Making meals out of scraps, microwave to heat 'em up/
Same shoes for years now, still squeeze my feet in them Dunks/
Dare you to laugh, you crack a smile and I'm beating you numb/
That ain't a punchline, homie, give me the rule of thumb/
'Cause I got some homies in all black like a suited nun/
They from South Central, you know the rule; and it's usually run/
They use potatoes that's mutated to mute their guns/
All nat-u-ral/
Talk about the rationale/
Clap the heat, them mashed potatoes hit the plate, we ration out/
If I don't cook, we're passing out like brochures/
I'm so sure- I'm so broke, let my hair grow, get cornrows like
Ghost Dog/
Low on that pole vault, that's why I go so hard/
'Pac said that "Life Goes On," but I just don't know no more/
These rappers 'in the building' I must be on a solo floor/
'Cause I never see 'em, but when I do, man it's over for 'em/
Protocol: "hit 'em up," take his chain, roll his car/
Hop out while it's driving, leave it remixed like a Total song/
I told my moms that I would get it, yo, my word is bond/
And I'ma stick to it, still got that Elmer's on my tongue/
These chicks sending emoticons, but my phone is off/
Feeling like USPA; I'm not Polow Da Don/
I'm burning jerseys of your favorites, I'm going LeBron/
It's 6th Sense, because they're dead, they just don't know they're gone/
Give me that Rolling Stone treatment on the cover/
Home invasion at the dinner table, eating with yo' mother/
Rediscover what the youth's about/
No more getting used to droughts/
Pulling them covers back like what Indians do to scalps/
Refuse the doubts, man I've been on it since a young cub/
Criminal Mind, you won't figure me out like "unsubs"/
What a conundrum/
If you don't give a...then I guess I'm a Youngblood,
you're slow as a young slug/
Yeah, I'm ready like Archie Eversole's ebb-and-flow/
Poetical genetics from the city of Jericho/
Old Testament, purifying from head to toe/
And when I die you can read about it like Marigolds.


released August 20, 2012
Written, Recorded & Mixed by: Jamar Nolan
Produced by: Reese Jones



all rights reserved


J.Nolan Atlanta

Hip-Hop Artist. Music has been licensed by MTV, VH1, Fox Network, and DJ Jazzy Jeff. I want to do so much more, your support will help me get there!


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